About Raine

My Skeletons . . .

Raine Weaver loves the art of creation.

Having dabbled in music, photography, painting, and men, she's found pleasure in all of them.

But writing was always her truest love.

When life didn't seem to go the way it should, she could make up stories that ended the way she wanted. Create her own worlds.

Now living in her own little cottage on her own piece of land, complete with a wide assortment of four-legged creatures, she writes, paints, and plans her future.

And she's SURE she was meant to be a top-selling novelist, writing at home in her jammies, still creating her own reality.

After all-that is the way things should be.

Behind the Writer Q & A

Name(s) your friends call you?

Quote Png Graphic Raine, Dream, Vee (other stuff, but that’d be based on my real name, not “Raine”).

Previous career ...

Quote Png Graphic Civil Servant. Currently pissed-off civil servant. Fast approaching maniacal civil servant.

Favorite color ...

Quote Png Graphic Blue

Astrological sign ...

Quote Png GraphicAries. Always ramming into walls.

Real hair color ...

Quote Png GraphicBrown with haughty streaks of gray.

Favorite season ...

Quote Png GraphicSpring

Favorite ice cream flavor

Quote Png GraphicGodiva Belgian Dark Chocolate (no longer produced—sob!).

Favorite Cocktail and type of booze?

Quote Png GraphicTom Collins for fun. B&B for comfort. Whisky for effect.

Favorite TV show ...

Quote Png Graphic“True Blood”, followed closely by “House”

Favorite daytime TV?

Quote Png GraphicNone.


Quote Png GraphicCurrently two cats, goldfish, and micro-version of “Wild Kingdom” out back.


Quote Png GraphicOne adopted, several corrupted.


Quote Png Graphic*Snort!*

Favorite way to waste a day

Quote Png GraphicNapping, reading, writing.

Favorite sport (and athlete):

Quote Png GraphicBaseball. Favorite athlete—LeBron James.

Biggest vice

Quote Png GraphicSmoking.


Quote Png GraphicOccasional torture on sort of exercycle. And I do like to walk sometimes when the weather permits.

What five books do you consider “must reads”?

Quote Png Graphic ...Damn hard question. “The Bible”…”Edith Hamilton’s Mythology”…”The Complete Shakespeare”…”Grimm’s Fairy Tales”…”Jane Eyre”…(ask me next week & they’ll be different!).

What five movies do you consider “must sees”?

Quote Png Graphic...Damn hard question. “Ben Hur”…”It’s A Wonderful Life”…”Raiders of the Lost Ark”…”Witness for the Prosecution”…”Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

Favorite Smell?

Quote Png GraphicToss-up…fresh, wet evergreens, or homemade bread and rolls made from scratch.