Incubus by Raine Weaver


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella


"...a passionate story with an interesting blend of reality and myth." ~FAR

"...captivating... a fresh new voice to the erotica genre, this is her first published e-book and I look forward to reading more of her work." ~5 Cupids from Cupids Library Review

"A hot exciting read, with a killer ending." ~~Vivi Anna, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Incubus" hooked me right from the get-go...I loved it."~~Ally Blue, author, Forgotten Song

About Incubus

Serafina Fisher is having a little trouble sleeping.
It may be because she's on the verge of breaking up with her fiancé, who can't keep it in his pants. Her insomnia could be the result of finally accepting that love is a fairy tale and she must settle for cold, dreary reality. It might be because she's virtually stranded in a strange cabin in the mountains--a pagan place with an invitingly sinful history that whispers secrets in the dead of night. She may be getting shadows under her eyes because thoughts of Gabriel Manning, the gorgeous, sexy stranger she's just met, are driving her to distraction. Gabriel, her fiancé's mysterious uncle, who makes no secret of his desire to steal her away. Or it may be because an unseen being of shadow and dreams visits her nightly, ravishing her body and driving her to heights of erotic intensity such as she's never known. But Sera Fisher is having a little trouble sleeping…


She ran her hand across the cool muslin sheets, trying to lull herself to sleep. It was so quiet. Too quiet. The little cabin, owned by Steven's uncle, had been built for seclusion. She thought she could hear the small lake, less than a mile away, muddied with recent rains, lapping against its shoreline. And there, there was the distant chiming of hundreds of peepers, tiny little frogs celebrating spring.

And something else.

Something sad and sweet mingling with the soft scents of the new season. A moan. A humming sound. A voice. Yes, that was it, she thought drowsily. A voice whispering in the dark, distant and vague, reminiscent of the ones she'd heard as a child from her parents' bedroom in the small hours. The ones that were forbidden and private and, therefore, irresistible.

The words were unintelligible, but provoked a restless tension in her. They spoke of secrets. Secrets she knew. Secrets long forgotten. Secrets the shadows had kept safe for her. And in the midst of the mumble of hushed sounds, she recognized her name and smiled dreamily as a wafting breeze playfully touched her cheek, blowing warmly in her ear.

"Serafina. Serafina ..."

She giggled at the tickling sensation and snuggled into the nearby pillow.

"Serafina. So soft, so sweet. Open your mouth for me, Sera ..."

The words became distinct, more insistent, and she parted her lips in sleep to answer.

"Serafina. At last, at last ..."


"Raine Weaver has done a superb job with her debut novella and is truly a master dreamweaver. She tightly braids poetic visuals, sensuous erotic passion with a compelling mystery and a liberal dose of magic..." ~Anne Lum/Writers Unlimited