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Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-61921-090-5
Length: Category
Price: 4.50
Publication Date: May 2012

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“At last. Mad Dog Munroe, safely in custody.”

Carly barely managed to suppress a giggle, but she had no qualms about calling Parker “Mad Dog”. Only a crazy man with mutant hormones of his own could manage to jam so much sex into the two hours since he’d saved her from celibacy.

But she was in charge now, and things were going to be different. Peering at him through one narrowed eye, Carly twisted her lips, swollen with his kisses, in an effort to switch her toothpick to the other side of her mouth—and failed. So much for trying to be a badass. How in the world did cowboys make it look so easy?

She settled for grasping the splinter of wood in her teeth, baring them in a wide, taunting sneer. “It’s the end of the road, Mad Dog. There’s a new sheriff in town.”

Parker matched her smile with an inappropriate leer of his own. Being handcuffed to the iron headboard of his bed buck nekkid hadn’t dampened that alpha spirit one bit. “I’m innocent, Sheriff. I swear. I never did any of that thar…uh, whatever I’m bein’ charged with.”

Carly had figured her bodyguard had a softer side. Every man did. She just wasn’t sure her walking deadly weapon was capable of loosening up and having fun. His appetite for her had been nothing less than pure, savage lust, and she’d gladly allowed him the time—and unrestricted access to every orifice of her body—to work it off with blunt-force sex.

But when she finally challenged him to set all of their cares and rules aside, to come play with her, even for a few minutes, she hadn’t guessed he’d be this willing to get into the spirit of the fantasy. One look at her nude body in his bulky vest, assuming a High Noon stance, and he was right on board.

“Innocent?” Carly spread her legs, hands on bare hips, and spit the toothpick out. She was actually proud of hitting the floor. “No man’s innocent who can’t settle in one place. Man like that’s got the devil spurrin’ him on. Makes him figure it’s okay to just ride into town and take his pleasure of the young ladies until they can’t resist lov—”

Holy shit. What monstrous slip of the tongue was she about to unleash here? She certainly cared for Parker, but a few orgasms did not a love make.

Although that last one had been damn near enough…

She coughed, clearing her throat of the word she knew she’d regret saying. She would not ruin what time they had together by obligating him to make some sentimental declaration. “Until the young ladies can’t resist him. That, bucko, is a crime.”

Hunching her shoulders beneath the vest that nearly reached her thighs, she pointed an accusing finger at the root of his massive erection. “You and the twins there done had your fun. Time for a reckonin’.”

Admittedly, she was rather looking forward to this. As much as she loved making love with Parker, she had to wonder about the big guy. He’d already fucked her in the window, the bed, over the bathroom sink, and across the length of the hardwood floor of the suite. Always with her satisfaction in mind, always the aggressive stud.

But he approached his lovemaking exactly as he worked his job. Straightforward, with a single-minded purpose. He was going to come, hard and deep, and she was coming with him, dammit.

Once they’d humped their way into his room, Carly had pounced on the metal cuffs she spotted in his ammo bag, twirling them teasingly around one finger in a silent dare. Would he set the rules, the guns, the assignment aside, even for a short while? Would he play with her? Would he be able to relinquish control?

Instead of his usual mortified grimace, he’d stunned her with a sexy grin, freely offering his wrists.

Game on…