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One of the first things I did for this shiny New Year was to take myself out into the cold & snow…and get a new cat.

At least, I think I got a new cat.

It wasn’t exactly a necessity for me. At the moment, the fewer chores I have, the better. But my cat has steadily become more bored & listless since the death of the last one. I thought companionship & a youthful spirit might help.

That is, if he ever makes an appearance. Since being in the house for over a week and a half, there have only been two 5-second sightings of the newbie. I understand fear of a new place, but Ninja Kitty has gone into deep stealth mode here. Unknown. Unknowable. Only small signs that he’s in the house at all. A bit of food eaten here. A plant knocked over there. I was beginning to wonder if I’d imagined getting him!

But two days ago, my cat spotted the newbie from the bedroom. He charged into the living room & I went on high alert,ready to break up any fight. But my cat stopped at the corner, wiggling his behind, playfully ready to pounce. But by the time he made his leap—too late. Ninja Kitty had disappeared.

Maybe he’ll deem us worthy of his presence eventually. Maybe not. But since it’s unlikely I’ll be getting any photos soon, here’s an image that sort of resembles him.
Unless, of course, he was wearing his camouflage gear. Then…who knows? :roll:
stealth kitty

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I’ve never been big on the “New Year” thing. Because, of course, any moment, any time can be chosen as a new beginning. But the idea of a fresh start at least once a year is sort of appealing. Fireworks or not. :wink:

I will not be sad to see 2015 exit the stage. To be frank, this was nearly the most difficult year of my life–second only to 2014. And I’m getting to be an old fart, so that’s saying something. Illnesses, financial problems, surgery after surgery, and personal losses combined to make it an exercise in survival. Contrary to popular opinion, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger if you have a chance to regroup before the next blow.

However, this isn’t meant to be a whine. Although 2016 isn’t starting off with roses and kisses, it does indicate forward movement. And sometimes even that is enough to keep you going.
So my wish for 2016 is hope, progress, and growth for everyone. May it be the happiest, most prosperous year ever for all of you and yours. :big:

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To You and Yours


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Happy Thanksgiving!


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Cover Reveal


Sometimes I forget how difficult it can be to produce a picture that encapsulates all of the important elements in a novel, or even a rich descriptive passage (and vice-versa, of course). All of this comes home when it’s time to select a cover. Whether it’s trying to give a fleeting impression of what’s inside, or several pieces of a master puzzle, it ain’t easy. So cudos to all the pubbed authors and graphic artists who work with them out there. Amazing work when you think about it.
Thank you P and N Graphics.

The new cover for the re-release of INCUBUS.
Coming soon. :big:

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Halloween 2015


Happy Halloween, all!

Wishing you lots of treats this season (and maybe a little bump–and grind–in the night, lol). :big:

I’m posting chapters from the soon-to-be-rereleased “INCUBUS” on my Wattpad site. If the story is new to you (or it’s been a while), please stop by to have a read. Or just to say hello, any time.
And the new cover should be going up here & on FB right after the weekend. Hope it gets a good reception. I thought it was interesting. :wink:

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Fellow e-author Amie Stuart has the rafflecopter running in high gear for her release, “The Big Girl’s Guide to Buying Lingerie”!

If you’re looking for great free reads, signed copies, and gifts, wheel yourself over to Amie’s blog and log in for a chance to take them home.
You’ve gotta be in it to win it! :big:

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