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I am SO angry. Mostly at myself, yes. :sad:
I was SURE I’d planned release schedules accurately this time, made allowances for what needed to be done by when, etc. And damn if it doesn’t look like I’ll have to reschedule the one planned for yes, August, this month. And screwing with this is putting me at least one month behind on the one I’d hoped to get out before the holidays, which now has a plothole the size of New Mexico. Argggh!!

Writing may not be the most difficult occupation in the whole world. But it’s gotta make the top 10 frustration-wise. :confused:

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Coming in August


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Happy Fourth!

happy treason day

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Best Thing About Summer

I’m not a big fan of the ‘dog days’ of summer. Like the extra-long daylight, but not the extreme heat.
I’m also not terribly fond of bugs. :roll:
But I really love being able to grow flowers.


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So You Think…

Every summer for the past few years I’ve looked forward to “So You Think You Can Dance”. Besides the fact that I don’t, lol, it was great to see all that raw amateur talent, & all those young people putting their hopes & dreams out there to be judged.

So when I saw they were going to have children from 8-13 years old competing, I thought it’d be interesting as a separate category, right?

Wrong. They’ve devoted the entire season to showcasing ONLY the kidlets. Complete with (shudder) stage parents lurking on the sidelines. :roll:

I’m sorry, but dance isn’t just about technique, any more than writing is, or art, or music. The best dancers stood out because they were able to express heartfelt emotions or their life experiences in movement. The children may be full of energy & enthusiasm; and they’ll get the “aww, that’s precious” vote. But watching kids just mimicking adults isn’t enough to hold my interest for a season.

So I won’t be watching. And that makes me pretty sad. :sad:

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Memorial Day 2016


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I’ve enjoyed dabbling in drawing & painting for some time now. I was even fortunate enough to have a few pieces hang in a regional gallery. (Sidenote–highly recommend the book “Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain” by Betty Edwards, which taught me a great deal, as I had no natural talent).

But I’ve never felt the urge to be a Graphic artist. I already need frequent breaks from staring at a screen, & my computer isn’t equipped for the task.
HOWEVER! Even though the indie book was all set for publication, I discovered this model’s photo & had to do SOMETHING with it. She looked almost exactly as I’d pictured Serafina–Sera–the heroine of “INCUBUS.”
So I tinkered with the contrasts, changed the background, tried to fix a mood, & pretty much got on my own nerves, lol. :big:

This program won’t present a larger image here. And it’s not a cover. I suppose it’s called a ‘teaser’.
But this is Serafina, feeling the presence of her lover.
This is Sera.


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