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Well, I can’t say the shiny New Year has started off with a bang, lol. I suppose we sometimes put too much emphasis on the “brand new” idea. I prefer to think of it as “fresh”, which I can imagine at any moment of any day I choose. I’m less likely to fall prey to early disappointments that way.

I’ve finally finished putting all my short freebies up on my Wattpad account. Most of it’s flash fiction, & it took longer to come up with the covers than to write the things! :roll: I know such short-shorts have no market value, but I really love the form. Great challenge.

I’ve been in stark reality survival mode for so long it’s a little difficult to fall back into the creativity. I know it’s there; just sluggish from inactivity. At this point I have the “Cold Reading” story I’d started as a freebie, and about five beginning pages of three different novellas. It’ll be a matter of motivation and choice. Not a big multi-tasker in this corner, and my heroines tend to get into cat fights with each other for dominance when I try working on more than one at a time.
Swear–if they didn’t need me to work the keyboard they’d dispose of me too… :wink:

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Happy New Year!!

Although I don’t often write about personal matters here, I must admit that I will not be sorry to see 2014 leave.
I can honestly say it’s been the most difficult year of my life.
For someone used to being completely independent, having three surgeries, a host of surprisingly serious health issues, and a major change in employment status/finances was more than enough to take me down and out. Yes, I learned a few lessons along the way. But it was just too much all at one time.
I am more than ready for the idea of a fresh start.

So here’s to 2015. May it be a kinder, gentler year for all.
And God bless us every one.

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Christmas 2014


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It is durn near IMPOSSIBLE for me to believe that Christmas is next week! I know I tend to lose track of time occasionally–but honestly, wasn’t it just September a minute ago?!
I can’t say I’m exactly in the spirit. It’s been a very rough year (seemingly for most people I know, in fact). But I’m planning to spend the weekend listening to carols, sending cards, and watching holiday movies to get there. A little Charlie Brown, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, and “Scrooge” with Alastair Sim should do the trick. :big:

I’m also posting my usual free holiday stories on my Wattpad account because the links here on the website don’t always work well. And it also gave me and my ‘mystery webmistress’ an excuse to briefly experiment with new covers, lol. Tempting stuff, that. It can really divert attention away from the writing. :roll:
Hope everyone’s enjoying the sentiment behind the season.
Stay warm and cozy!

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Thanksgiving 2014


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New Shoes

I’d pinned this onto my Pinterest account, under the board called “When There Are No Words”—
But I felt the need to put it here.
I remembered seeing this photo in a retro Life Magazine many years ago, and it stayed with me all this time. I finally found it online last week, and simply had to post it.

New Shoes_2

This is a photo of six-year old Werfel, who lived in an orphanage in Austria, circa 1946. He has just been given his very first pair of new shoes by the American Red Cross, and the ecstasy on the child’s face says it all.
I would think of it often, especially if I was tempted to indulge in a pity party for whatever reason.
Straightened me right up.

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With a little spare recovery tie on my hands, I’ve ventured outside of my usual comfort zone and taken up with a couple of other forms of social media beyond blogging. Not only because writing can be a very isolating sort of sport, but because these two really seemed interesting to me. Now, how much time I’ll spend with them is another topic, lol, But for now I’m content to visit–and hope others will check them out too. :big:

The main reason PINTEREST grabbed my interest were the visuals and fodder for potential story ideas. I firmly believe that most writers are very visually-oriented. It was quite a treat for me to find this place where people posted photos and videos on boards with subjects of their own making, or maintaining a private place there to store images for yourself alone. I am @Raineweaver on Pinterest; but you can also do searches by subject.

I’ve also just signed onto WATTPAD, also an interesting site. A place to post, find, and read free fiction by writers, from basic beginners to the likes of Sandra Brown and Margaret Atwood. There are also clubs to join if that’s your thing, and the potential for free feedback from unbiased readers. I thought it might be another good way to nudge myself to write more, and I can post whatever wips I’ve started here on the site without dragging them out here on the blog. I haven’t decided whether I’ll do the Thursday entries inspired by PBW, or continue “Cold Reading” there, but I will be posting.
Swing by and say hi to either sometime! :wink:

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