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The website is currently being updated.

Just a quick explanatory note for the use of temporary cover-holders as noted above. These are the ebooks I’ve reclaimed from publishers since their original contracts have expired, and I’ll be self-pubbing them…well, relatively soon. :wink:

I have a few mixed feelings about the process, really. I can’t lie. I never wanted to be a cover artist or formatting wizard or marketing ace. All I ever wanted to do was write.
But these have been with their respective publishers for quite a while (the oldest for ten years!), and I wanted them home. So I guess I’ll do whatever’s necessary, since I do love the stories.

With these, I almost feel like I’m starting all over. You know, that queasy feeling that comes with putting your self out there?
It should be interesting. Stay tuned! :roll:

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b 4 sleep

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Happy Fourth of July!


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A Blow For Liberty

Jail Free
Checking in. :big:
I seem to have made it through another bout with scalpels and the people in white. I won’t say they came out as badly as I did, but it probably wasn’t for lack of trying, lol. For now, I’m just glad to be back home and working on the mend. If I never enter another hospital again I’ll be all too happy, believe me.

I’ve also set up a Facebook page. It’ll pretty much be for the sake of the work, since I’ll be part of an anthology this summer, and I plan to self-release a couple of books I’ve regained the rights to. And if FB can help get them out there, I’m on board. They’re among my favorite stories.
So I hope you’ll swing by to say hello to the new kid on the block!
Raine on Facebook
Raine Weaver Author Page

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This ‘n That

Well yes, actually, even this is better than not writing at all, lol.

I’m just playing catch-up at the moment, rather than having any solid news to convey. A bit of that will be coming in the following months–but I do miss chatting up the blog.

I have been invited to join the production of an anthology this summer. Won’t give away any of the details just yet, but I’m working on the novella for it right now. And having a deadline is a good thing. There’s less chance of me piddling around with it and more that I’ll get it done and ready to roll.

I also have one more major surgery within the next two weeks. Not looking forward to the process, but expecting the quality of life to improve afterward, so that’ll be worth it. And maybe I’ll raise a little hell in the meantime (have I mentioned that I hate hospitals?). :cool:

And lastly, I have the rights to a few books reverting to me. It feels like having a couple of kids coming home from college! But none of that sitting around and relaxing for these rugrats. I expect them to get out on the self-pubbing market as soon as possible. If momma’s gotta work, everybody does.

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Marked For Love


by author AMIE STUART.

Now available here through Amazon Digital Services.

Go and buy. It rocks!! :big:

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It’s officially the first day of spring!!
And I don’t think anybody could be more relieved about that than I am (with the possible exception of the poor peeps in Boston–hugs!). The winter had become extremely oppressive and relentless, without even a little break here & there in the weather. Your instincts are screaming that it’s just not going to end, no matter what your intellect says.
But the calender says it has come. And I have robins and blackbirds back in the yard, so heaving a happy sigh.
And yes–next I’ll be complaining about the humidity and yardwork, lol.

On the writing front? Yes, I am writing. Slowly, mostly badly. But I’ve got 12 pages of a new story that interests me, an old fixer-upper I’m poking holes in…and a real urge to do more alternate universe stuff. I’ve nibbled away at it here and there, and it’s a tricky sort of genre because it may not fall into a traditional ‘type’.
But I’ve always loved the ‘what if?’ game. So I have a feeling that, in addition to the romance stuff, I may be cranking out more.
After all, it’s spring. The world is new. :wink:

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