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Happy Anniversary, Mel!


Come and join blogging buddy MELISSA BLUE in celebrating her tenth year as a writer.
She’s offering all kinds of goodies as giveaways. And let’s face it–anybody who can remain relatively sane in this field for ten years deserves to celebrate, lol. :cool:

Join the party!! :big:
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After a short-lived setback, I’m back on the road to recovery. I suppose it would’ve been too easy to simply get well without a glitch. An important change in a storyline requires complications, after all. :roll:

And I find myself grasping at the dangling threads of the end of this summer season. Can’t believe how quickly this one went by! And while I do love autumn, the thought of the season that shall remain nameless just beyond that puts a real damper on the enjoyment. So I’m getting as much sun on my face as possible and inhaling the warmth.

And I’ve even managed to do a little writing–which goes a long way toward making things seem better. :big:
Get out there and enjoy what’s left!

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Home Sweet Home

happy dance

I am home.
That, my friends, is a good thing.

Not just in the sense of being back at the blogging, although there is that. I miss sharing the ups and downs of the work, talking about the writing. I’ve been so out of touch recently I haven’t even visited my favorite blogs.

Having just made it through a major surgical procedure that did not go as smoothly as I might’ve hoped, I’m even happier to be home. Five days in the hospital, two blood transfusions and five days in rehab later I managed to make good my escape. And that was exactly how it felt, lol. The sun shimmered more strongly, the sky was bluer, the air sweeter than I could remember it all being in a very long time. I may not have been free of problems or pain, but I was free of those damn doctors for the first time in nearly two weeks–and it felt completely liberating!

So I am home. And so utterly glad to be here.
And there is a small bonus. I get recovery time for healing. Spare time.
And who knows? I might have to do something really silly with it.
Like write. :lol:

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Cold Reading II



“You absolutely deserve to get screwed around, Brandywine T. Alexis.”

Brandy muttered the words to herself, even as a large, imposing man entered her tent and, without a word, sat directly opposite her. What the heck, let him suspect she was crazy. She already thought so.

As if moving back to the small town of Corinth, Ohio hadn’t been traumatic enough. Her whirlwind romance with politics in Washington D.C. had left her craving the basics of home and hearth, and she’d made the wholehearted jump, even volunteering to man the fortune telling booth at this summer’s county fair. But after fourteen hours of thick mascara, trying for smoky, mysterious looks, and huge golden hoops that threatened to split her earlobes she was more than ready to call it a night.

The gentleman caller had chosen the last official five minutes of the fair to come to her for a reading. And suddenly lying politicians who kissed babies in the daytime and blackmailing babes at night didn’t seem so unattractive after all…
********** **********
“Good evening.” His voice was almost disturbingly deep, effortlessly demanding her attention as he slid a twenty dollar bill across the table. “I hear you do fortunes.” Full, strong lips beneath an impressive stubble of beard twitched in amusement. “Go ahead. Amaze me.”

Oh, great. Someone looking for a challenge at a small-town country fair on the verge of calling it a night. Brandy had already helped several other people pack up their booths. She’d listened to Mrs. Burns agonize over losing yet another pie baking contest, and helped Celia Hough load her twin calves back onto their trailer. Hell, she’d even laughed at the naughty Jello molds Mrs. Mallory sold only to very special customers. And now that she was ready to go—needed to go—she couldn’t. Sneaking a peek at the cell phone she’d hidden behind her stylized crystal ball she drummed restless fingers on the money. Jen still hadn’t called. Jen, the younger sister who’d chosen this night to escape her abusive boyfriend, and who’d promised to give Brandy a ring as soon as she was safe. “As much as I’d like to help you, sir, it really is very late. Maybe another time?”

“The sign at the entrance says the fair closes at midnight. That gives us another three minutes or so.” He leaned forward and Brandy eased away, uncomfortable under his scrutiny. “You can talk utter nonsense if you’d like. I almost wouldn’t mind. Just move your lips for me. I’ve been dreaming about those lips for the past three years.”

“I—I beg your pardon?”

“Kissing booth.”

Kissing booth. Three years ago? Well yeah, she’d manned the fair’s kissing booth once. It was a time for fruited lip gloss and a silly poodle skirt, the summer before she’d left for Washington. But that was on a whim, just another way to earn a few bucks for the civic charities she’d favored. There was nothing special about it, no reason it should’ve meant anything to anyone.

Especially a perfect stranger…

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Cold Reading

As another effort (please note the word is “effort” in PBW’s suggestion to write simply for the sake of writing (blasphemy!)…the beginning of a story entitled “Cold Reading”. Let’s see where it takes me… :big:



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Sunday Best

This is my hurried response to PBW’s suggestive blog about writing some kind of short simply for the sake of writing, without considering publishing, opinions, etc. (And to good blog buddy Bernard who wisely suggested that most cases of writer’s block were probably due to worrying about what others thought)…


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Within Temptation

Fellow Chica Tanya Holmes has just released her first book! Whoop!



Love, betrayal and murder in a small town…

Twelve years after her mother’s murder, Shannon Bradford fears she may have helped convict an innocent man. Even worse, her prominent family may have had something to do with it. Desperate for answers, she seeks help from the one person least likely to give it. Her best friend and childhood crush, Trace Dawson.

The man she sent to prison.

Serving hard time for murder has left Trace angry and bitter. As far as he’s concerned, digging into the past won’t replace the years he’s lost or erase the hell he’s lived. Now that he’s free, Shannon Bradford tops his list of bad memories. But he never counted on falling in love.

Available at Amazon and most major outlets. :big:

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