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Christmas 2017

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Where I Am

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I haven’t really dropped off the face of the earth, only to surface on the occasional holiday, lol.

Contrary to popular belief, sitting at a computer & forcing oneself to produce words isn’t all there is to the process of writing. It also requires a certain mindset. And I’ve spent quite a lot of time lately trying to get my mind set (among other things).

The plan right now is to try to release at least one book before the end of the year (with superhuman effort, maybe two). I’m currently in the process of flagellating cover artists, formatting, and producing a passable teaser.

So if we don’t blow this joint up before then (just sayin’), I’m doing my best to get a good read out there. I figure we could use all the distractions we can get. :wink:

Please stay tuned!

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Happy 4th!


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at sea_2

Yes, I know! I suck, lol! :big: It’s the end of March already, & I haven’t been posting!

I’m going to be for real about this. I’m not going to be a frequent blogger. It’s not ‘in’ me anymore. I am hoping to keep the blog going–or to set up a new one, for book & publication news, if any. We’ll see how things go…

Currently finding myself in an interesting space, as are many of my fellow authors.

About a year ago, I had seven books with three different, respected e-publishers. I now have only one short novella in that category. Having the publishers go belly-up has one positive aspect; all of our books are now completely ours, to handle as we please.

However, the bad news is also that our books are now completely ours! Yes, we can re-publish them ourselves. But that also means updating content (if they’re more than a couple of years old), paying for new covers, formatting, etc., & losing the benefits of house ‘promo’. It also means putting your baby out there into a sea of other ebooks currently being self-pubbed—and if you don’t have a notable name or following, you’re liable to get lost in that ocean.

So right now, a lot of my babies have returned to the nest. And while it’s nice to have them home, they’re gonna have to hit the bricks and bring in some $$$. Being an artist is all well & good, but nobody really wants to starve. :roll:

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