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Happy Holidays 2018!

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Thanksgiving 2018


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What Time Is It?

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I can’t believe I haven’t posted here since the New Year!

That statement was not meant to be an apology, lol. I’ve pretty much concluded that posting here would be erratic, and usually based on something involving my writing or publishing. This long space in between is pretty indicative of what’s been happening in that department.

To clarify: after having been associated with three e-publishers in the past year and a half, I am now with none. They’ve all closed up shop, leaving me a little stunned and feeling much like an orphan.

But I am still a published writer, and still intend to publish my own stories.

I expect one re-issue, “The Concubine”, to be released shortly, with a brand new cover, new hopes and dreams.

The news will be posted here, along with links.
Because despite the often confusing state of publishing, romance is alive and well. So amen to that. :big:

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