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Happy Halloween!


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Gentleman Caller

This very handsome young gentleman came to call recently. I caught him peeking in my back door. :big:
(It’s a little fuzzy because I took the shot through the screen–didn’t want to startle him).
I just think they’re such gorgeous creatures!

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Coming Soon!


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Last of Summer

Although I won’t be particularly sad to see this particular year winding down–so much civil insanity, so many wonderful celebrities lost!–I am reluctant to let go of the long, sunny days and warm weather.

So get out there and grab this last bit of summer on this holiday weekend! Emjoy!!

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Once More, With Feeling

Yes, this is the revised advance promo for the re-release of “LET’S PRETEND”.
And yes, I’m frustrated, lol–but I WILL get this puppy done!! :big:


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I am SO angry. Mostly at myself, yes. :sad:
I was SURE I’d planned release schedules accurately this time, made allowances for what needed to be done by when, etc. And damn if it doesn’t look like I’ll have to reschedule the one planned for yes, August, this month. And screwing with this is putting me at least one month behind on the one I’d hoped to get out before the holidays, which now has a plothole the size of New Mexico. Argggh!!

Writing may not be the most difficult occupation in the whole world. But it’s gotta make the top 10 frustration-wise. :confused:

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Coming in August


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