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I keep hearing that, officially, it’s spring.

Last week we had two feet of snow.
I just looked outside. It’s snowing again. :shock:

And I know I need to do housework, write, balance the checkblood, etc.

But right now, this is all I feel like doing.

So I think I will. :waving:

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A few weeks ago, a discussion was introduced on the Dear Author readers blog, leading to countless other discussions in blogland (and more than one catfight) about racism in publishing.

Karen Scott picked up the gauntlet by asking black authors to participate in a survey about whether they had encountered racism in their dealings with the industry. The idea, I believe, was to raise awareness about certain issues that were either unknown to many, being ignored, or tolerated.

I took part in the survey because the bookstores in my area routinely shelve the work of black authors in an African American section, whether they’re political, biographical, or fiction.

For what it’s worth, my response to the survey is here.

And many thanks to Karen for trying to make a difference.

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I confess—I’m at a loss to understand why a so-called well-educated woman must resort to name calling and bigotry to attract attention to herself .
Have you considered breast augmentation? Then you could show us your boobs instead of showing your ass.

I’m afraid I have no tolerance for the recent rash of “celebrities slinging slurs”, any more than I could condone anyone referring to you as an arrogant, anal-retentive bitch.
Such a thing would be unconscionable.

I’m not sure why your behavior should surprise me. After all, anyone who could say of the 9/11 widows, ”I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much…”

Or proudly say of themselves, “Jesus’ distinctive message was: People are sinful and need to be redeemed, and this is your lucky day because I’m here to redeem you even though you don’t deserve it, and I have to get the crap kicked out of me to do it…”

…is pretty well capable of actually believing their own bullshit, aren’t they?

Methinks all that peroxide must have finally seeped through to your little gray cells.

And in the end, all I can really do is feel sorry for you. You’re a pathetic little person who’ll find herself very much alone when The Party is over (you).


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Looking forward to the chocolate recipe! :yesyesyes:

Thanks for finally keeping your promise because we threatened to stalk you to death in the great spirit of blog sharing. :grin:


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