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In a move that left me shaking my head in (happy) disbelief…

JOYFULLY REVIEWED has selected my book, “The Last Man On Earth”, as one of the best romances of 2010!!!!!

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Stunned? You betcha.
There are so many romances released each year, to find a review site that really, really loved mine?
Just… wow.

All of the books that were chosen can be found HERE. Honored to be in some very good company.

And to the wonderfully generous folks at Joyfully Reviewed—

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Recommended Read

I received a belated Halloween gift from the wonderful ladies at Joyfully Reviewed this week.

They were kind enough to review and choose my book, “The Last Man On Earth”, as one of their Recommended Reads. Yay! :bounce: :bounce:

“The Last Man on Earth is a delightful blend of comedy and suspense with more than enough genuine chills thrown in to keep me up turning pages late into the night. Who knew the end of the world could be so much fun?…Raine Weaver clearly knows her horror movies. She sets the stage for chills in classic horror-style…I plan on taking another trip to that house on the hill one dark and stormy night, popping some popcorn, turning the lights down low, and getting the shivers all over again.”

There are probably very few things that make an author happier than having someone enjoy reading something they enjoyed writing.

Thanks again, ladies, for the lovely words. :wave:

I’m also blogging at the SFC site today. Please join us. :biggrin:

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Dark Romance?

The very generous ladies of the ROMCON site were kind enough to invite me to blog there today.

Please feel free to drop in and say hello! One commenter will be chosen to receive a free print copy of “Hotter Than Hell”. :biggrin:

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My last Samhain release, HOTTER THAN HELL, is now available in print.

Want a taste of Heaven? Go to Hell.

Legend has it that the Incubi were originally fallen angels, irresistible creatures who sacrificed their place in Paradise for the touch of mortal lovers. They live among us still, in the shadowy, dream-haunted fringes of modern society, indulging their insatiable lust and feeding on our desire—with our blessings.

The Rose Legacy
A valuable inheritance is passed from one female member of a wealthy family to another, as it has been for centuries. But Camille Price, the beneficiary, doesn’t know it’s a generational curse that includes sacrificing her body and soul to an Incubus who fulfills her every erotic dream—and nightmare.

Failed cleric Adam Bachmann knows a demon when he sees one. He just can’t seem to resist succubus Leyla Cheval, even though her insatiable sexual appetite is draining him of life. To save himself and others, he must sacrifice the only heaven he’s ever known and destroy the dark angel he’s come to love.


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On The Fourth Day of Christmas…


For the fourth day of the TWELFTH NIGHT anthology, some chick named Raine Weaver has penned a free short story.

It’s called “Stroking Midnight”, and it’s the story of a young woman who, on the brink of a new year, decides to confront her personal demons.
Literally. :wink:

I’ve posted a very brief excerpt after the cut, and the complete short can be found in pdf form for reading or downloading HERE.


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Nearly Parfait


Many thanks to the ladies of Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews for the thumbs-up on “Hotter Than Hell”.
I was honored with a rating of 4.5 cherries out of 5. :biggrin:

“Raine Weaver has written two fantastic tales of seduction and passion…If you want something different, something hot and challenging, then Hotter Than Hell is the perfect book to read. I truly enjoyed this for its differences and its unique perspective.”

The entire review is posted HERE.

They were also gracious enough to include it in their Best Book of the Week contest which runs today (11/28) through Sunday (11/29), so if you have a moment to spare please drop by and cast your vote. There are quite a few good writers there. I’m honored to be included.

Again—many thanks, ladies!! :woot:

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Alternate Excerpts

Having a little trouble with WordPress, but I’m posting a couple of additional excerpts from HTH, just because I liked them. :)

And for those who may not visit The Chicas site, here’s a link to the VIDEO, until I get it seated in The Gallery, hopefully along with the new freebies.

And did I mention that these stories had a dark side? :angel:

Somewhere in Rose Cottage a clock chimed midnight, and all was well. Finally retiring to bed after a wonderful evening with Mace, Cam smiled at the thought of him unleashing all of his pent-up sexual energy and ran her hand over the round smoothness of her pillow. The night air through the open window was damp and cool, but she was warm enough and too tired to rise again.
She’d made it through this Friday. Only one more night sleeping in this room. Only one more night sleeping without Mace. Another decision she’d made: she had to have him closer to her. She couldn’t get enough of him.
“Stay. Stay with us…”
The vague dawn of a dream began to slip into reality’s stead, beckoning to her with soft, surreal images.
She was twirling over a midnight landscape, drunk with moonlight and leaving trampled roses in her wake. Her bare feet danced to a dirge, centuries old, as she circled the many bonfires that burned bright but stone-cold. Dark figures with humped shoulders urged her on from the shadows, shuffling closer, forming a circle around the huge black obelisk before her. They chanted ancient words in a language she could not understand, hiding their faces inside heavy hoods, lumbering flesh living on the night.
“Please.” Camille turned toward a familiar voice, now pleading and faint. Moira stood before her, legs blackened and burnt, the tunic she wore gleaming blood-red. “Don’t leave me here to die. Please. You can save me. You can…”
Camille made a move toward her, but found her feet mired in mud that softened, shifted and slowly began to drag her in. She stared upward, crying out for help, but couldn’t see beyond the dark clouds, looked higher, harder, until a pair of stars flared, sang to life above her. Stars that looked for all the world like a pair of fiery eyes set into the night sky, just for her. Only for her.
“We wait for you, Camille. We wait…”

She was practically blind. Her mortal senses were deserting her one by one. There was light, yes, but it was formless and white, without warmth. Colorless. Chaos.
She remembered covering her shivering body with a blanket and assuming the lotus position on the floor, trying to focus her power. Knowing he was there with her had helped to some degree. If push came to shove, she could persuade him to lie with her, keep the spark of her alive in the body they both enjoyed. But at some point Adam had left her alone, and she could no longer feel the flowing blood or the heartbeat or the extremities of the form she possessed.
Leyla closed her eyes, but was unable to keep the snow-bright afternoon from seeping through her lids. She was shrinking to a hard, cold core inside the vessel, and her energy was running rampant in protest. Rage and hunger, without control or direction, were all she knew. How ironic that she’d spent centuries assuring herself she was a boon to mankind—and now she felt capable of destroying one and all. Given a little more time and motivation, she might blow this pissy little planet out of orbit.
She felt Adam coming. He was her only link to this world right now. Other than that, there was only the pulsing heat between her thighs, demanding to be fed.
The sound of a voice, so distant and dim. Was it Theo? No, no he was long dead. It was Adam. He was the only man who’d ever spoken to her with unconditional love. Opening her eyes, she forced words from her parched throat. “Don’t come in.”
“Leyla, baby, you’ve gotta stop. You’re taking out everybody in the building. Let me—”
She felt a violent wave of anger shiver outward, shaking the foundations of the building. He was responsible. He was trying to force her to do this. The noise of something akin to thunder sounded in her ears, jolting her back to wakefulness. The door of the suite was open. Adam was with her. And every stick of furniture in the room was tearing across the plush nap of the carpet, slamming into the walls around him.
She heard him swear and dive for the floor as the sofa hurtled toward him and bounced off the frame of the door. The mindless desire to see him suffer brought her vision back into focus. Glaring at him, she allowed herself a grim smile. “Yes. That’s all it would take.”

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