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Recommended Read

I received a belated Halloween gift from the wonderful ladies at Joyfully Reviewed this week.

They were kind enough to review and choose my book, “The Last Man On Earth”, as one of their Recommended Reads. Yay! :bounce: :bounce:

“The Last Man on Earth is a delightful blend of comedy and suspense with more than enough genuine chills thrown in to keep me up turning pages late into the night. Who knew the end of the world could be so much fun?…Raine Weaver clearly knows her horror movies. She sets the stage for chills in classic horror-style…I plan on taking another trip to that house on the hill one dark and stormy night, popping some popcorn, turning the lights down low, and getting the shivers all over again.”

There are probably very few things that make an author happier than having someone enjoy reading something they enjoyed writing.

Thanks again, ladies, for the lovely words. :wave:

I’m also blogging at the SFC site today. Please join us. :biggrin:

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It’s been a downright nasty week, so I’ll not mince words about it. Glad this sucker’s over, so Happy Friday! :woot:

I’m blogging at SFC today. Please join us. :popcorn:

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The Thriller

I watched Michael Jackson’s final production, “This Is It” tonight, and have a confession to make.
I remembered every single dance step of every single video he reinacted for that performance. :oops:

I may not remember where I leave my bloody car keys every day, but I remember those steps!
Sign of a true showman.

And speaking of zombies… :cool:

Lillie St. Claire, an expert on the subject, is joining us at the Chicas site today.
Please shamble on over! :popcorn:

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Well, I couldn’t be in Dallas this year. :sad:

My winter home in the Fiji Islands isn’t quite finished yet. :sad:

I simply don’t feel like doing the topless thing on the Riviera this year…it’s becoming quite a bore. :sad:

And Fernando, my hot, shared cabana boy, seems to have strained his back. :sad:
(I TOLD him six orgasms were enough for me, but he just wouldn’t listen!).

So I guess I’ll head over to the CHICAS to blog today… :waving:

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I must confess I was feeling just a tiny bit blue this week…

Until a discussion at work about a recent, semi-sensational crime resulted in my co-workers unanimously nominating me “The First Person They’d Call If They Were Trying To Hide Their Involvement In A Murder.”

Sometimes even a little dab of happiness will do, ya know? :grin:

I’m at the CHICAS today. :waving:

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