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I took a moment this weekend to follow my hero on Twitter. :big:

And actually, it’s more bizarre than it sounds, lol.

I’ve spoken here before about some of the strange, synchronous circumstances that can occur when you’re a creator of fiction. My first experience came with one of my first completed mss. The heroine lived in a warm clime, drove an old-style Volkswagon Love-Bug, and her name was Roxanne St. Clair.
Less than two years later, an about-to-be pubbed author joined one of my online wrters’ groups. She lived in a warm clime, had once owned a Volkswagon Love-Bug…and her name was Roxanne St. Clair.

Fast-forward to a couple of years ago, after my novel
HOTTER THAN HELL was epubbed. It featured a novella called “Raveous”, with a hero named Adam Bachmann.
And wasn’t I surprised when I received an email from a total stranger one day. He just wanted to let me know he’d seen my book described on Google. And that his name was Adam Bachmann, he lived in New York…and he had a band there called “Ravenous”.

Mr. Bachmann followed me on Twitter this weekend and we touched bases again. He seems to be doing fine, and I’m hopeful he’ll stay that way, as long as he doesn’t hook up with a demoness named Leila. :cool:

But it did give me pause to think. I’m thinking of creating a brand new mysterious hero for a brand new story.
And I think I’ll name him Wynn Lottery

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