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Happy B-Day, Samhain!!

SAMHAIN PUBLISHING is celebrating its seventh year in business!!

It honestly doesn’t seem as if it’s been around that long. I remember my first submission, and how excited I was to be accepted among a handful of enthusiastic authors.

Since then it’s become one of the premiere electronic pubs, and I’m still honored to be a part of the pack. :yes:

To celebrate the occasion, Samhain has released a video, complete with instructions about downloading and enjoying your e-books. Yes, I swear, there are serious instructions there, lol–once you get past the fun. :popcorn:


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One Response to “Happy B-Day, Samhain!!”

  1. BernardL says:

    I’m glad Samhain is still doing okay. I thought the video was pretty well done. Instructions are needed. People buy all kinds of gadgets (reading and otherwise) and they never learn how to use them. :)