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Just One More Thing…

I couldn’t possibly leave the passing of one of my favorite actors of all time unacknowledged.

Peter Falk, of “COLUMBO” fame, died this past week.
I was a fan before the great detective series. He was a gentleman of the old Hollywood school. An accomplished character actor. He was an artist. One of the nicest gifts I ever received was a book featuring some of his paintings and sketches, and he was very talented.
I remember him from productions in the 60s, from film—even from a favorite “Twilight Zone” episode, in which he played a Castro-like dictator who seemed to have trouble trusting those around him. :grin:

But yes, I absolutely adored him in the role of Lieutenant Columbo. I loved his dog. His old car. That cheap, chewed-up cigar. His tenaciousness. His dedication to the ever-absent Mrs. Columbo. And that raincoat, that rumpled, wrinkled, ichonic raincoat of his that he never seemed quite dressed without.

I drew this sketch some years back, initially for practice, but mostly because I really loved this character. It was wonderful Peter Falk that breathed life into Columbo, and who, I hope, will be remembered always for that, if not for everything else he accomplished.

And with that, I’ll whistle my way on…to the tune of one of the character’s favorite themes…
“This old man, he played one…”

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4 Responses to “Just One More Thing…”

  1. BernardL says:

    Great sketch, Raine! He was one of the good guys. ‘The Cheap Detective’ was one of the funniest movies I ever saw.

  2. Raine says:

    Thanks, Bernard. :wink:

    I remember that film. Priceless. :biggrin:

    An old friend of mine met Falk at a regional theater many years ago. He said the actor graciously conversed with anyone who wanted to talk, dressed exquisitely, used his hands like elegant instruments when he spoke, and didn’t have a bad word to say about anyone.

    Class act, great talent. I’ll miss him.

  3. Sasha says:

    I never watched that show. Maybe I’ll check out the reruns sometime. Great sketch!!

  4. Raine says:

    I’m biased, but I think you’d like it, Sasha.
    Not at all like other mysteries. It shows the crime at the very BEGINNING, and who the murderer was. The rest is about our dear “bumblinb” policeman nailing the guilty party. It’s the intriguing chase that captivates, not the denouement.
    Good stuff! :woot:
    (and thank you!). :wink: