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Somewhere between health issues, one more surgery (hopefully the last), & daily living, I’ve been trying to get “Incubus” out as my first indie publication.
I can already see it’s not going to be my favorite process, lol. At the risk of repeating myself for the umpteenth time–all I ever really wanted to do was write. It almost seems like that’s the LEAST important part of the process now. :roll:
But I have managed to wrangle my way through getting it uploaded to Kindle. Now I need to go for B&N, & take a look at the other options. And while I had aimed for February 29th as a release date (I thought Leap Day would be good for taking the leap, lol), I’ve already pushed it back a week, & will see if I can make that.
I’m going to force myself not to worry about numbers initially. I don’t have a big name, & there are thousands of people posting on KDP right now. Just trying to take it as it goes.
And I still haven’t given up completely on traditional publishing. I’d still dearly love to get my vamp trilogy there. It’s sort of special to me.
But again–we’ll see. :wink:

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