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no evil

Current progress:
I’m still working to get the website updated as far as old/new versions of my books, and getting my sorely-neglected newsletter back in order. Actually, the temptation is to start fresh with a new look for the blog. I’ve had this one for several years now, and I have seen a couple of other templates I like. But I don’t want to wind up using it as a distraction, which would be easy to do. I think I’ll see how the new publishing direction goes, and try to focus on the writing at the mo.

The good news is that I have settled on a formatter–someone who’s also an author and knows the ropes. I’ve also found the cover artist I want to start with. He’s actually done a couple for me in the past, and when I found out he also freelances I figured yeah–we should do this. :wink: That’s assuming he doesn’t go running for the hills after the wordy art request I sent him, lol.

And finally…
Since I’ve been on Facebook for a few weeks now, I can see that the thing is actually a lifestyle for some people. I don’t personally feel the allure of the addiction to the media; I can see using it for writing/publishing news, or casual short conversation. But I’ve already ‘unfriended’ a citizen or two who felt that Facebook was a forum for all the vitriol they could manage to spew.
And while I fully intend to use it for promotion, :big: I must admit I’ve never seen so much promo outside of all the infomericals that populate tv in the wee hours! Geez! If that’s all you have to talk about, why would anyone want to listen?!

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One Response to “No Evil”

  1. BernardL says:

    FB is a very intricate and complex place filled with every human element in existence. It is also a wonderful place to stay in touch with family, friends, readers, and the marketplace name recognition holy grail. I look at FB as a gathering where it is best to enjoy the good, filter the bad, and only add what is positive, without making enemies. :)