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Happy 4th!


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at sea_2

Yes, I know! I suck, lol! :big: It’s the end of March already, & I haven’t been posting!

I’m going to be for real about this. I’m not going to be a frequent blogger. It’s not ‘in’ me anymore. I am hoping to keep the blog going–or to set up a new one, for book & publication news, if any. We’ll see how things go…

Currently finding myself in an interesting space, as are many of my fellow authors.

About a year ago, I had seven books with three different, respected e-publishers. I now have only one short novella in that category. Having the publishers go belly-up has one positive aspect; all of our books are now completely ours, to handle as we please.

However, the bad news is also that our books are now completely ours! Yes, we can re-publish them ourselves. But that also means updating content (if they’re more than a couple of years old), paying for new covers, formatting, etc., & losing the benefits of house ‘promo’. It also means putting your baby out there into a sea of other ebooks currently being self-pubbed—and if you don’t have a notable name or following, you’re liable to get lost in that ocean.

So right now, a lot of my babies have returned to the nest. And while it’s nice to have them home, they’re gonna have to hit the bricks and bring in some $$$. Being an artist is all well & good, but nobody really wants to starve. :roll:

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A New Year?

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Wishing You…


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Holiday Hop!


I am participating in Aurora Publicity’s HOLIDAY HOP giveaway, with 100+ other bloggers and authors from Facebook.
And I’m offering a free download of “LET’S PRETEND” and a $15.00 Amazon gift card.
Just because. :big:
Come and wish everyone a Happy Holiday!

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Happy T-Day


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FREE Download


Strung out after all the election drama? Looking for a quick, FREE read? A hot, dreamy getaway?
Look no further. For a limited time, a download of my paranormal, INCUBUS, is available, just for subscribing to my newsletter HERE. :big:

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