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Cat Carving

It’s a well-known fact that cats (and very young children) often prefer the packages rather than the toys they arrive in.

I saved a large box some time ago because it was my kittle Cody’s favorite landing pad after a mad dash through the house. He guards it from all intrusions by others, and I left it sitting in a quiet corner, just for him.

Imagine my curiosity when, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed gouge marks in the cardboard. Okay. Cardboard is easy to mar. Cats have claws. But the longer I stared at it, the more the marks seemed to form a distinct picture.

The face of a cat. A little Buddha cat. Complete with eyes closed, tiny nose, curving mouth, tufted chin—the works. Crazy.

I SWEAR on a stack of holy books I didn’t put it there! And maybe it’s my imagination after all. But here’s a photo. You decide.
Cat? Yes? No?

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Show of Hands

Yeah, that’s me. Second from the right, near the back.
And I think I see lotsa hands out there…

Honestly, can we get a freaking break? Uncle! :surrender:

I’m blogging at SFC today. Bring your booze, your drugs, and lock up your women (and boy-toys). :yes:

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I dreamed I was pregnant.

I’ve always been pretty good at remembering my dreams. And if you remember them, you know some seem to stand out more than others. This one did.

There’s nothing unusual about dreaming about a pregnancy (and yes, it was just a dream). I’ve done it often. But I’ve never dreamed about myself being pregnant—and so waddling, call-in-the tow-motor, Mount St. Helen’s pregnant at that. And it was so amazingly vivid!

Most dream interpretations claim it symbolizes a new beginning, new growth, or growing creativity in one’s life.
That would be nice. :yes:

Of course, in the dream I was also struggling with my little piece of luggage, trying to get it down the stairs on my way to the hospital to deliver.

Subtle much, subconscious? :poke:

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Needed This

This picture is here for one reason, and one reason only.
Because I MISS FLOWERS!!!!

I needed that picture. Feeling better now.
And I’m blogging at SFC today. Please join us. :biggrin:

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Personal Summer

I’ve had a low-grade fever for a few days that doesn’t want to go away. Just enough to make functioning normally difficult, but not enough to go running to urgent care.
So I’m going for links to more interesting blogs at the moment, lol.

Amie Stuart is doing her 14 days of Love promo again. Meet authors, get free books. Yup. That’s love. :cloud9:

And blog buddy Bernita Harris is part of a newly-released anthology—Weirdly, Volume III, with a brand new Lillie St. Claire story. Check it out. :yes:

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Ever Have…

…One of those weeks that just seemed totally, unbelievably exhausting?
Or the urge to just curl up in bed and wait out the winter?

Or a spiteful, possibly violent impulse you’re just too nice (or worried about getting busted) to act on?
That one. :yes:
Bring it to the CHICAS site today. We’re taking care of business. :pow:

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A Different POV


Hello there.
I’m Cody. Aka Code. Codyman. Codybear. The Codester.
I own the human, Raine, who occasionally operates this blog. She’s into print galley edits at the mo, and I figured I’d fill in just this once. I mean, hey—what price Fancy Feast?

Raine and I are being interviewed today and tomorrow at author Jody Wallace’s MEAN KITTY blog.
And don’t expect any of that LOL Cats stuff. Mean Kitty and I don’t play that crap.
Come and say hi if you get a chance. Love to meet ya.
Bring tuna. Will love ya even more. :wink:

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