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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted! Part of the lull was due to website updating (that’s my story, I’m sticking to it). And although I’ve been keeping up on the Chicas site (so far), I’ll definitely be playing catch-up here, with a little over a week before the new release is out.

As promised, I’ve posted an additional excerpt from “Lucidity” HERE, and it’s the beginning of one of my favorite parts of the book. :yes:
I also finally decided that yes, I am putting together a trailer. Not sure when I’ll finish, and it’ll probably be short and simple…but the work is in progress.

Also, may I express my heartfelt gratitude to two sites that were kind enough to give “Lucidity” advance reviews.
POSITIVE advance reviews. Yay!! :bounce:
From Sizzling Hot Book Reviews: “With a fast paced plot and action galore, Lucidity will most likely knock your socks off! It’s a story told in a way that is believable, but still contained plenty of paranormal aspects that most will enjoy.”

From The Library Journal Reviews: “Good pacing, fun characters, and ‘steam up your glasses’ sex will keep readers intrigued.”

Many thanks to both for reading! :wave:

And last, but certainly not least…
Although Season 4 was far from being my favorite…there’s less than one month remaining before the beginning of True Blood, Season 5!! I am SO ready!

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